“Old longings nomatic leap,

chafing at customs chain;

Again from its brumal sleep,

wakens the ferine strain...”

- from Atavism 

(Opening words of The Call of The Wild)

Peter Levine, the creator of Somatic Experiencing®, had the important insight early in his career that animals living in their natural environments are not as susceptible to trauma as humans are. Trauma 2 Satori is a powerful process to unleash our full potential. In does this in part by allowing us to become natural again. 

The following retreats are designed to help reclaim our inherent resiliency, vibrancy, and aliveness. They are immersive and highly experiential, incorporating elements of Somatic Experiencing® and powerful awareness practices. We use a very specific communication technique which originated from the Enlightenment Intensive concept created by Charles Berner in the 1960's, and with roots in ancient Zen. This process in particular creates expanded states of consciousness through dyads, and acts as a magnifier for healing and spiritual awakening. It also creates a sense of safety through the social engagement system, and works on many levels simultaneously. For example, things like addictions may fall away when the underlying pain is healed. The inability to form nourishing connections may be overcome as shame is transformed into self-realization. Participants have the opportunity to self-reflect in a safe environment, and to track felt-sense without interruption or judgment. The processes are designed to provide experiences of attunement, empathetic witnessing, and may therefore be helpful in healing attachment wounds and early trauma. The communication processes are supported by active meditations to help complete survival responses and unlock energy from the body*. (PLEASE READ IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE).

TRAUMA 2 SATORI; Healing, Growth, & Awakening

(Fully Immersive Weekend Retreat)

August 22-25, 2019 (This retreat is now complete)

Sierra Hot Springs Resort & Retreat Center

Sierraville, CA

This powerful retreat is what my heart has been longing to share since my own experiences of spiritual awakening in India years ago. I was very fortunate to have participated in, and been trained in the facilitation of "Awareness Intensive", otherwise known as "Who is In?" or "Satori" groups. Although hundreds, possibly thousands of people have had enlightenment experiences in these groups, the process has remained relatively obscure. As I later learned about trauma healing techniques, I kept remembering my experiences in India, recognizing that the trauma healing process and spiritual awakening are synonymous: Awareness, presence, felt-sense, self-reflection, and attunement with empathetic others.

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Who are you really?


*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While these retreats are extremely safe, and are designed to be enjoyable and light-hearted in nature, inherent in any true growth process is experiencing growth edges and taking emotional risks. While most participants report experiencing positive transformation as a result of their participation, the processes involved may feel challenging for some people. These retreats are intended for reasonably healthy adults who have an interest in experiencing alternative approaches to spirituality and personal growth. This is not a Somatic Experiencing® workshop or training, and does not represent any healing modality or method. No specific outcome is being promised, and there is no guarantee of positive results. Participants are free to come or go at any time, and may modify the processes to take care of their own physical or emotional well-being. Participating in these retreats requires agreeing to and following ground rules to create a safe space for authentic expression, and the ability and willingness to follow instructions and be coachable. Participants may also be asked to leave if they are deemed to not be coachable, are not following ground rules, or are causing a disruption to the group processes. This is not a mental health service, and while the processes involved may have therapeutic value, they should not be considered as a form of therapy. If you have any recent or unresolved trauma, or other physical or mental health issues or concerns, it is recommended that you consult with a licensed mental health professional or medical care provider before participating.