A 3-Day Transformational Retreat in the Sacred Waters of Sierra Hot Springs, CA. October 1-4, 2020

If you're hungry to know who you really are, beyond conditioning and the usual titles of name, age, and occupation - or if you'd like to transform your struggles into energy to break free of what's keeping you stuck in life - then join transformational expert Jeffrey Tidrick in the healing waters of Sierra Hot Springs for an enlightening journey of emotional freedom and spiritual awakening.

"He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightened." -Lao Tzu

As the light of the harvest moon graces the sky and catches your eye, you invite in a deep inhale and start to notice your body relaxing. Your shoulders drop. The tension in your chest loosens. The tightness in your shoulders melts. Finally, you can let go. The natural spring waters of this ancient, sacred land have called you here, and you have arrived.

After a peaceful night's rest, you wake up at the break of dawn to the smell of pine and fir as you step outside and take in the splendor of the Fall colors. It's time to meditate and give yourself the gift of inner silence. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. This is your time. Finally. 

As you connect deeply within, you have a sense you'll never be the same after these three days. It's time to let go of what no longer serves you, and this is the perfect place to do it. The healing waters & deep inner work that lies ahead are just what you need for release, renewal, and waking up to your true nature.


This retreat is the ideal place for you to spend 3 days if you:

  • Want to know how to use your struggles to unlock your full potential for health, growth, and spiritual awakening.
  • Are struggling with stress or anxiety and are longing to break free from what's keeping you stuck in life.
  • Desire to deepen your relationship with yourself & others, healing any blocks that stand in the way.
  • Want to learn how to expand your meditation by contemplating face-to-face in dyad meditations, or eyes-open with a mirror.
  • Crave time to yourself for reflection & contemplation with no to-do lists or responsibilities.
  • Want a change of pace (overwhelm, be gone!) and are ready to dive deep into inner-silence, fast.
  • Are open to a meditation immersion which includes waking up early and staying up late so you can experience as much transformation as possible in just 3 days.
  • Love being immersed in nature & appreciate the simplicity of rustic accommodations and homemade organic vegetarian food.
  • Enjoy being in water and relish soaking in natural hot springs (the springs are open 24 hour a day!).

By the time we're done with our time together, you will have healed old wounds, turned your struggles into strengths, and unleashed the energy necessary to bring about positive changes in your life. Most importantly, you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin which will ripple out to all of your relationships.

The Setting

Where evergreen forest meets serene meadow, the Sierra Hot Springs (nestled in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California) are heaven on earth. For centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing place. The minute you step on the land, you'll see why. The sense of tranquility soothes the soul on every level, and the natural spring water is as smooth as silk.

Near the small town of Sierraville and approximately one hour driving distance from Reno (the nearest commercial airport), Sierra Hot Springs is on the edge of a forest where large evergreens meet an open valley.

We'll be stepping foot onto this incredible land in the beginning of Fall, right when spectacular October colors are coming into full bloom. Crisp evenings and cool mornings, as well as fragrances of pine and fir, are sure to delight your senses.

The springs are open for steamy late-night soaks under the stars. Absorb your insights from the day and allow your body to melt as you wash away what no longer serves you!


The land features several springs, each offering a unique healing experience:

The Temple Dome Area in the main pool area and consists of The Hot Pool (105-110°) which is enclosed in a large geodesic dome, featuring stained glass and skylights. Completed by two cold plunges this pool is also sand bottomed, with mosaic tile sides.

The large Warm Pool (98-100°) is completed by a large sundeck and a dry sauna.

The Meditation Pool (98-100°) is outdoors, surrounded by rock tile. In this pool, you step down rock steps into a sand-bottomed delight. This seasonal hot pool (which will be open during our retreat time) is ideal for enjoying the star-studded skies.

All pools are clothing optional.


You'll be delighted by three delicious & light vegetarian meals per day - each prepared with care and conscious attention and served in the onsite restaurant, the Philosophe Café. Fresh, seasonal ingredients (often locally grown) will nourish your body from the inside out.

Breakfast will be served continental style, featuring house-made granola & yogurt or milk, steel cut oatmeal, as well as toast and fresh fruit. To wash it all down, you'll have your choices including delicious orange juice and heart-warming tea.

Lunch changes daily, each day featuring fresh & local vegetarian ingredients in an array of soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. Satisfying yet light, you'll feel nourished from the inside out with plenty of energy.

Dinner will be our heartiest meal of the day, highlighting flavorful vegetarian ingredients each day. The menu is different each day, and may include delicious dishes like carrot, parsnip & cannelloni bean fritters, grains like brown rice or quinoa and whatever vegetables are in season (ooh, Fall veggies!). We may even see a curry or two made of sweet potato (so good)!

And if that wasn't enough, a snack will be served each evening - including fresh fruit and organic nuts.



We'll be calling the property's historic Main Lodge home during our time on the land.

The historic Main Lodge, with its charming white exterior, sprawling front porch, and stunning views of the surrounding area, is a wonderful setting for rest and relaxation cherished by those who visit.

Featuring five comfortable shared bath private rooms as well as a five-bed dormitory, the accommodations are cozy, charming & tastefully decorated with vibrantly painted walls, fabric draperies covering large picture windows, and old-world furniture you won't see at your average inn or hotel.

Originally built in the 1870's, the lodge also includes an airy wood-paneled lounge with comfortable couches, a wood burning stove, and a small store. This truly is a. home away from home.

Within walking distance of all the pools, the Main Lodge also has a large lawn, perfect for lounging.

A friendly cat also occasionally lounges on the Lodge's cozy sofas. The nearby Globe Hotel, also owned by Sierra Hot Springs and located one mile away in the town of Sierraville, is a dander free alternative available to you if you need it.

Please note, you will be asked to leave your watches, cell phones & all other electronics locked in your car for the duration of our time together. We can also hold them for you for safekeeping. This is to support the group processes which include deep meditation. Your devices may be accessed in the case of a true emergency (if necessary, wifi is available).

You may check-in as early as 3:00 pm on Thursday if you want to use the hot springs before dinner. Dinner will be served at 5:30pm that day, and the retreat starts at 7:00pm.

The retreat will end no later Thant 3:00 pm on Sunday. It is highly recommended that you book a room for Sunday night (this is not included in the retreat price) to allow for decompression and enjoying the hot springs before traveling home. Reach out to Sierra Hot Springs directly (530) 994-3773 to book an extra night, and if you run into any problems, just let us know. 

Flights & Transportation

Arrive into Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RTIA).

To get to Sierra Hot Springs, you will need to secure a rental car at the airport and drive 60 miles.

Retreat participant information emailed out ahead of time to coordinate carpooling if desired. Transportation costs are not included in the cost of the retreat.


What's Included

All retreat teachings and experiences

24-hour access to the hot springs

Lodging for 3 nights (Thursday, Friday & Saturday night)

3 delicious vegetarian breakfasts

3 scrumptious vegetarian lunches

3 nourishing vegetarian dinners

3 snacks served Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings

Meal service starts Thursday evening with dinner and ends on Sunday with lunch

All gratuities, taxes, and fees

What's Not Included

Your round-trip airfare from home

Transportation to and from Sierra Hot Springs

Spa Services

Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance



Shared Dorm with shared bath: $1,290 per person.

Private Room with shared bath: $1,490 per person.

A $100 deposit today saves your place.

The balance is due in full 60 days prior to start of retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by you:

All sums paid are 100% refundable until 30 days prior to the retreat. After that, all sums paid are only refundable if your space can be filled by someone on the wait list. If your space cannons be filled, you will not receive a refund. There are no exceptions.

Cancellations by us:

In the unlikely event we cancel the retreat, your money will be 100% refunded. 

NOTE: Due to coronavirus, If we need to re-schedule the retreat for a later date, you will have the option of having your reservation transferred or receiving a 100% refund.

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.


"The experience was too incredible for words. True presence, total presence, is a feeling or moment of being that seems impossible to describe. I'm incredibly grateful for the retreat, and the healing it sparked within me. I learned, and continue to keep learning, more and more about myself and who I am as a human Being..." - 2019 Retreat Participant

"I really went from the darkness and pain of my own story to the discovery of a different dimension of myself; trauma to satori. Practicing meditation seems to me now more than a desire, but a need if I want to pursue the ongoing path of awareness, centering, and healing for myself and others." -2019 Retreat Participant

"Everything Jeff chose was well thought out, excellent, and supportive of our transformation. HIs integrity and obvious compassion for all." - 2019 Retreat Participant

About Jeffrey

My journey started in the mid 1960's, by being born into a "normal" middle-class family in suburban Riverside California. My parents were good people; stable, never divorced, and did their best to provide a good home.

Yet, by elementary school I was struggling to learn, and by high school I was starting to engage in self-destructive behaviors. I never suspected there was anything wrong with my upbringing. Sure, there were verbal put-downs, some bullying I endured, and sexual molestation from a teacher, but I just assumed these were relatively normal parts of growing up.

I did manage to graduate high school, and after seven years of floundering and doing poorly in three different colleges, I earned a bachelor's degree in aviation. During this time, my drinking increased, and I was experimenting with drugs. By my mid 20's I was attending AA meetings, and was never successful at staying sober for very long. By the time I entered my 30's, I had already experienced a DUI, a divorce, and a bankruptcy.

At the age of 35, I caught a lucky break and was offered my first airline job. Within two years, I had worked my way to captain, and finally had "arrived" at a successful middle-class life of my own. However, I wasn't happy. I was still abusing alcohol and had no close relationships.

Just a few years later, I hit my first rock bottom. While on an overnight trip with my airline crew, I went to a bar and drank. And drank. And drank. A few days later, I was under investigation for my conduct. As my career hung in the balance, I was in shock and devastated.

Unable to work while my fate was being decided, one day I was walking alone in the desert in Southern Utah, and these words came to me: "the truth will set you free." From that point on, I decided to be honest - with others, and with myself - and finally figure out why I had such a propensity towards self-destruction.

I clearly remember a Wednesday afternoon in March 2004, when I walked through the doors of my first personal growth workshop. Deep down, I knew I was embarking on a quest which was both terrifying and full of new possibilities. From that point on, my path of self-discovery has taken many twists and turns and eventually led me all over the world.

By 2007, I was flying for a subsidiary of Air India, and living in New Delhi. I spend two years in India, learning transcendental meditation, and going to ashrams and meeting gurus.

That was only the beginning of a deep and long exploration. As the years passed and my relationships with myself (and my meditation practice deepened), I traveled to meditation centers in Bali, the Netherlands, and Greece. But it was in India where my most profound, life-altering experiences occurred. Searching for the deepest, most extreme transformational methods I could find, I joined an obscure meditation retreat known as "Awareness Intensive". During this retreat, I had a satori (sudden, unexpected glimpse of enlightenment). Needless to say, it changed my life.

My love for these retreats was so strong that I eventually joined the assistant team and took trainings in how to be a facilitator. After having these surreal, exquisite, beautiful encounters of "Self" in India, I realized that I would need to find a way to integrate what I had experienced and come back to normal life. Eventually, the need for stability and the practicalities of making a living bought me back to the United States.

My life took a turn for the worst (again) when at the age of 49 my wife at the time left me. It was as if a bomb had gone off and sucked the wind out of me. I was numb, in disbelief, and then filled with unreasonable desperation and anger. It felt as if my very survival was uncertain. After all the years of learning to meditate, two years in India and countless thousands of dollars spent on personal development workshops and meditation retreats, how could this be happening to me?

Just as I had done after hitting my first rock bottom, I began taking long walks in nature, searching for answers. This time, it was on the trails above Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California. As I walked, calling out to existence for help, and listening to the breeze for answers, so began a deep relationship with something larger than myself. I began learning about developmental trauma, attachment, and how early adversity can wreak havoc on our relationships and sense of self.

What I've discovered is that in all adversity is opportunity for growth. For people who suffered from childhood trauma or early attachment shortcomings, healing and growth are possible when trauma healing and meditation are combined. 

From my own experiences of struggle and gathering healing treasures along the way, I now enjoy sharing what I've found. There's nothing that gives me more joy than supporting people in transformational processes, and helping them find their own wings to fly.


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