Face 2 Face Agreements


Face 2 Face groups are an on-going experiment in healing and personal growth. The vast majority of participants thus far have reported highly positive results. By participating in this group, you will be engaging in processes which are designed to create attunement and presence between you and other group participants. The intention is to create a very safe space for all, so that authentic communication and empathetic connection can be deeply experienced. To make this possible, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  1. I agree to be free from any intoxicating or mind-altering substances while participating in the group.
  2. I agree to be on-time, and to leave my children and pets at home (not waiting in the car).
  3. I agree to leave my mobile phone at home, or locked in my car, or completely powered off during the duration of the group.
  4. I agree to not take take notes, photographs, or recordings during the group.
  5. I agree to keep confidential anything I hear or witness from other participants during the group.
  6. I agree not to offer advice or feedback to other participants unless specifically asked.
  7. I agree to not gossip about other group participants during or after the group.
  8. I agree to not act violently, or to harm or insult anyone, or to damage anything in the room.
  9. I understand that these groups are experimental, and therefore may not conform to my previous understanding of healing and growth. 
  10. I agree to participate with a beginners mind, and to be coachable.
  11. I will inform the facilitator if I have any mental or physical health issues which could impact my ability to engage in physically or emotionally challenging processes.
  12. I understand that this group does not represent any healing modality or organization, and is not a mental health service. 
  13. I understand that I am free to leave at any time, and may be asked to leave at any time if I break any of the ground rules.
  14. I agree that I will inform the facilitator if I decide to leave the room during a process, or to leave the group permanently.
  15. I understand that my participation in the group, and all processes involved, is according to my own free will and at my own risk. I am responsible for my own well-being. I agree that I will not hold Jeffrey Tidrick or Trauma 2 Health LLC liable for any negative outcome from this group.