While Trauma 2 Health groups and retreats are extremely safe, and are designed to be enjoyable and light-hearted in nature, inherent in any true growth process is stepping out of old patterns and taking emotional risks. While most participants have reported positive transformation as a result of their participation, the processes involved may feel challenging at times. These groups are intended for reasonably healthy adults who have an interest in experiencing alternative approaches to personal growth and spirituality. This is not a Somatic Experiencing® workshop and does not represent any healing modality or method. Participating in these groups requires agreeing to and following ground rules to create a safe space for authentic expression, and the ability and willingness to follow instructions and be coachable. This is not a mental health service, and while the processes involved may have therapeutic value, they should not be considered as a form of therapy. If you have any recent or unresolved trauma, or other physical or mental health issues or concerns, it is recommended that you consult with a licensed mental health professional or medical care provider before participating.